3rd Fantasy Art Happening

For those who don’t know what Hell looks like, it seems that in the centre of Brussels (two steps from the Grand-Place) there’s this place which is chock-a-block with fantasy, erotic and burlesque works of art ! Do not think of leaving this mystical but welcoming place unscathed: l’Enfer will scatter and shake your sense of reality.

Well then, worshippers of phantasmagorical art, the Galerie d’Enfer will open its fantasy exhibition, gathering a wide variety of painters, illustrators, photographers and sculptors, on Friday 10 March 2000, from 19h00 till the break of dawn.
This fantasy art exhibition, as well as a short surprise tour in the basement, will take place from Friday 10 March till Saturday 8 April 2000.

And for those with a healthy appetite, the Galerie d’Enfer proposes you a tasty menu every Friday from 19h00 till 2h00 in the morning.

Opening hours : Thursday & Saturday, from 14h00 till 20h00 and Friday, from 14h00 till 2h00 in the morning !
Galerie d’Enfer,
rue Van Artevelde 19 at 1000 Brussels .

For more information:
e-mail: sophieenfer@yahoo.fr
tel / fax: 32/2/428.16.83.


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