3rd Festival of Fantasy Books – Imaginaire 2001

“Fantastic and Thriller Literary” …

… in Brussels :
conference with guest speaker Pieter Aspe.
Pieter Aspe (° 3th of April 1953), pseudonym of Pierre Aspeslag, is since 1996 full-time author and screenwriter. Pieter Aspe is especially known for his crime fiction. He has written 11 thrillers such as “The Children of Chronos”, “The Fourth Shape”, “Rough Quarry” and “The Peace Offering”, the juvenile books “Bloodtie” and “Airpost”, short stories like “Human Interest”, “Voluptuousness” and “The last Siege” and scenarios such as “Heterdaad” for the VRT. His thrillers are at present being are adapted for the radio. Pieter Aspe has been nominated three times for the Hercules Poirot Award.
A co-operation of KK of the VUB and BIFFF, with assistance of Flanders Fantastic vzw
stoa-VUB, Pleinlaan 2 in 1050 Brussels at
Tuesday 13th of March at 20h00. Entrance : 150 BEF.
… in Antwerp :
a literary meeting of prominent Dutch fantasy writers.
In the panel, presided by Alfons Maes (chairman of Flanders Fantastic vzw and chief editor of the Cerberus) and Ton Van Rooij (journalist of SF-Terra), following guests will be present:
Eddy C. Bertin, an authority in the field of SF, fantasy and horror. He has written about thirty horror and SF books for adults.
Johan Deseyn, a young Flemish fantasy writer who has written about three remarkable novels.
Lloyd Kaufman (o.v.), manager and owner of “TROMA”, director of several horror Z-films like “The Toxic Avenger”, “Tromeo & Juliet”, …
A co-operation of BIFFF, the Beroepsbond van de Belgische Filmpers (department Antwerpen/Limburg) and Flanders Fantastic vzw.
International Press Centre Antwerp, Huis Roodenborch, Grote Markt 40 in 2000 Antwerp at 16th of March at 20h00. Entrance : free.

The 3rd International Festival of Fantasy Books
On the program of Imaginaire 2001 :
3 exhibitions, 3 thematic weekends and 2 conferences.
From the 9th of March until the 21st of April 2001 : “Hommage to KAREL CAPEK” biographical exhibition. 2nd floor of La Maison du Livre 24-28 rue de Rome
1060 Bruxelles.
From the 9th until the 24th of March 2001 :
“MANCHU”, illustrator, exhibition of his drawing plates
at La Maison du Livre.
From the 9th until the 24th of March 2001 : “NEOFUTURISME” by Martin ILLIK,
at the Communal Library of St-GILLES,
24-28 rue de Rome 1060 Bruxelles.
Sat. 10/03/2001 from 2pm to 4pm
“Graham JOYCE” : public interview of the English author.
“The Fantasy genre from a Belgian point of view” with several Belgian writers.
Wed.14/03/2001 at 8pm
“Fantasy and reality in the works of Karel Capek”
Sat 16/03/2001 from 2pm until 6pm
Prize giving ceremony “Bob Morane”
Sun 17/03/2001 from 2pm until 6pm
“MANCHU” : Grand Prize of Imaginaire 2000.
“Les Métabarons” : presentation of the role playing game