3rd Gaming Madness Days

Captain’s Log, Stardate 42017.8. After eradicating the Cicosaurus threat with Commander Shepard and after our trade stop at Coruscant, we head towards the Arm of Orion to reach Earth. Once arrived, our mission will be to infiltrate the bowels of the Center for Fine Arts during the third edition of the Gaming Madness Days to steal the humans video game and virtual reality technology. While Simon Belmont draws swords with Geralt of Rivia and a bunch of survivors try to shoot the brains of a horde of zombies wanting to tear their guts out, we’ll sneak in between Game Jams and the developers market organized by Brotaru and we’ll try to witness the Twitch live coverage by Zone Geek and PXL BBQ. Our final aim is to organize a Starfleet Lan-party that will make the Romulans fume with rage. Captain out.