3rd Japanimation Day

••• 14:00
GILGAMESH – Masahito Murata
Char. Design : Masahiro Sato. D’après l’oeuvre originale de : Shotaro Ishinomori.
2 x 26 min / 2003 / v.o. st.fr. • Dist: Kaze. © Ishimori-Pro / Gilgamesh Committee
A few years have passed since Twin X, an outrage that plunged civilization into chaos. Two young orphans, Tetsuya and Kiyoko, flee from creditors who want to sell their organs, in order to recover the debts of their late mother. An anime with strong characters and plot, whose scripts deeply resonates with contemporary events.

••• 15:00
Osamu Sekita
2 x 26 min / 2004 / v.o. st fr.; Dist: Dybex.
© Saki Osuke, Sankichi Meguro, KADOKAWA Shoten /
BANDAI VISUAL All rights reserved

Saiki Misaki is a S&M dominatrix who has the strange ability to communicate with ghosts. The government regularly hires her for secret missions in which ghosts are involved. Adapted from a “seinen” manga (for male adults), Ghost Talker’s… is a series of funny, violent and somewhat frivolous thrillers, that takes advantage of an excellent animation.

••• 16:00
KARAS – Sato Keiichi
2 x 30 min / 2004 / v.o. st fr.; Dist : Dybex
© Tatsunoko pro (to be confirmed)
Rave killings take place in the Shinjuku area. Tokyo inhabitants believe that Karas, the Town’s God protector, has turned against them. For its 40 years of existence, Tatsunoko produced this big-budget OAV, full of impressive fight scenes mixing 2D and 3D images. One of the biggest productions of the year.

••• 17:00
xxx HOLIC – Mizuchima Tsutomu
55 min / 2005 / v.o. st fr.; Dist: Kaze. ©2005 CLAMP/Kodansha/»The Movie xxxHOLIC Midsummer Night’s Dream» Committee
The witch Yuko receives an invitation to an auction held in a manor in the country. 7 other collectors, all in search of the ultimate piece of their collection, have also been invited. One by one, the guests disappear. Produced by Production IG, xxxHOLIC brilliantly reproduces the distinctive style of CLAMP’s original manga. Animation has been supervised by Kazuchika Kise, animation director on all Mamoru Oshii’s films.

••• 18:30
MIND GAME – Yuasa Masaaki
103 min / 2004 / v.o. st bil.
Since their brief love story in high school, Nishi never forgot Myon. Now that they are together again, nothing will separate them. Not even death itself. A ferocious, crazy and visually stunning effort from one of Japan’s most creative studios: Studio 4°C.
Illustration : © BIFFF / Yuki Takanami & Studio Hydrargent



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