4th Belgian Fantastic Film Day

Please note that entrance is free, but candidates are kindly requested to subscribe at the festival’s box office before April 1, or to contact the Middle Class Union UCM ( www.ucm.be ). Since its introduction in 2003, the tax shelter has become a very important tool for the funding of audiovisual projects in the French Community. The most effective method to keep the system going is to make it as transparent as possible. That’s why the Middle Class Union ( UCM ) is organising a seminar where audiovisual and financial professionals can clearly and legally exchange information about the “tax shelter”. Thanks to its dynamic organisation and its importance in the French Community and in Brussels, the BIFFF is the ideal partner to bring those professionals together. In the presence of federal and regional political representatives, professionals and artists of the French Community, the seminar will include a detailed explanation of the advantages and the financial mechanisms of the system, and other practical information; but also a presentation about the particularities of the film industry. A technical dossier will be handed to all the participants and will later be available to all members of the UCM. At 11:00, this encounter will be followed by the screening of ARTEFACTS ( www.artefactsmovie.com ), a film by Giles Daoust ( www. gilesdaoust.com ) & Emmanuel Jespers.


Educatio per Imaginem will present a zombie movie by Eric Fagny ( www.fagny.net ) :YOU WILL BE WHAT WE ARE, written by students of the Emile Gryzon Institute, and touching on themes such as school violence and collective suicide. With a soundtrack by the Brussels punk band Blood Baby Sitters ( www.bloodbabysitters.com ). The screening will be followed by a debate at 2 pm. 3 pm : JEAN-JACQUES ROUSSEAU : DIRECTOR OF THE ABSURD Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Belgian director of the Absurd, will astound us once again with three films : LES MAITRESSES DU DR LOISEAU, GERMAINE GRANDIER and FUYONS LES MONSTRES.



The BIFFF would like to play its part in the stimulation of the Belgian fantastic film production. That’s also the reason behind the creation of the first Workshop in 1996. The ambition of this initiative has remained unchanged throughout the years: to offer the students of our film schools the opportunity to gain experience by making three fantastic short films under the supervision of an experienced foreign film director. Previous workshops have been supervised by, among other, Freddie Francis, Lewis Gilbert, Jack Cardiff, Stuart Gordon, Nick Willing and Anders Ronnow-Klarlund. This year, Bernard Rose will reveal some of the secrets of his craft to a new generation of film professionals. The talented Rose, who is currently in pre production on MR NICE, based on the book by Howard Marks, is best known for the urban horror classic CANDYMAN. Other feature credits include IMMORTAL BELOVED, IVAN’S XTC, SNUFF MOVIE, ANNA KARENINA and PAPERHOUSE, for which Rose won the Golden Raven at BIFFF in 1989. Collaborations with professional partners from the audiovisual field are intended to generate real production conditions within which the students of RITS and NARAFI can realize three short fantastic films. Logistical support facilities are provided by Maquillages S.A., Eye-lite, Key Grip Systems S.A., APPLE, Double Precision, Building & Engineering and Rosebud Heritage S.A., while students of LE SITE ( Enseignement Supérieur en Infographie et Technique d’Expression ) in Hornu, under the guidance of SFX specialist Jean-Yves Arboit, are taking care of the digital postproduction. During a 8 day shooting & post prod period, the students will have to realize 3 fantastic shorts at a location that not only has to represent Brussels, but must also be an inspiration for the films. Shooting took place from 4 until 6 March at the former Jesuit Monastery in the heart of Brussels, the results are screened on Friday 4 April at 4.30 pm. Eye Lite will provide one student with a value of 2.500 euro in lightning material for his/her next film project. Thanks to the collaboration of all partners and the support of the Flemish Community Commission, the Workshop of the BIFFF has become a valuable and important tool in the education of our future film makers.