FESTIV’ART 2007 – 4th Brux-Hell Exhibition

The badly shaven, intoxicated young artists of Brux’Hell have retreated to a hotel room at the Fish Market by command of the BIFFF. Their secret mission : to eliminate the politically correct art of contemporary artists who have, unfortunately, far too much success beyond Brussels’ borders. With their creativity, their ingenuity, their madness and their nimble fingers, they will create works of art that will have the devastating impact of a pyroclastic cloud, out of which a venomous swarm of locusts will emerge. They will not attack vegetables or trees but everyone that does not carry the holy seal. This will be the moment of truth between those that carry the sign of mediocrity and those that carry the sign of the BIFFF. Apocalyptic’Art is coming David P. The 4th Brux-Hell exhibition ( Le BIFFF, Arkel Gallery, the museum of Fantastic Art and the Galerie d’Enfer ) presents : “Apocalyptic’Art” at Tour & Taxis from 5 till 17 April 2007. Varnishing Day on Friday 6 April 2007 starting from 3 pm. A fantastic art contest will be organised in the scope of Brux’ Hell. For more information, check the websites.