4th Documentary Section

Why documentaries at the BIFFF? That’s a fair question. It would after all be rather nonsensical to dedicate a documentary to the digestion problems of werewolves or the effect the sun’s reflection on the moon has on vampires (would it, though?). That’s the whole thing about fantasy. We leave behind the shores of reality. So, why return to them? It’s simple: fantasy feeds on reality, transforms it and stretches it in all possible directions. But its starting point will always be reality. And, during our numerous prospection trips, we have been dumbfounded by the sheer quality of these documentaries. Not only because they’re insightful and because a good dose of culture and contextualization can’t hurt in these troubled times. But also because a solid love for movies is very much like constructing a house. If you don’t pay attention to the foundations, they can come crumbling down at any given moment! So, give it a try, give in to your curiosity and you’ll see that reality can sometimes be more surprising than the biggest plot twist.


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