FESTIV’ART 2008 – 5th Brux-Hell Exhibition

Welcome to our new city Brux-Hell-O-Polis, where our vision of a possible future will take you to strange parallel universes, populated by robots and other infernal creatures, dedicated to the worship of modernity. A transdimensional BIFFF door will open and invite you to discover the insane Utopia’s of our artists, whose brains were technologically and genetically modified in the testtubes of our fantastic futuristic laboratories… After all, isn’t the truth hiding in an infinity of possible futures where the impossible becomes possible? Ready for an intergalactic adventure ? …
“To infinity and beyond…!!!”

The Brux-Hell exhibition
( BIFFF, Arkel Gallery, the Museum of Fantastic Art and the Galerie d’Enfer ) presents : Brux-Hell-O-Polis at Tour & Taxis from 27th March till 8th April 2008.
Breakfast-Varnishing on Sunday 30th March 2008 starting from 11 am till 1 pm.