5th Cosplay Contest

Inspired by American conventions where diehard genre fans put on customized pyjamas (Star Trek), a fleece of hairy ferret or donuts in the hair ( Chewbacca and Princess Leïa ), the Japanese cosplay celebrates its manga and videogame heroes. A huge institution in the land of the rising sun, this tribute quickly caught on with many people in Europe. The aficionados are growing in numbers and are ever more inventive, trying to outdo each other in creativity and dressing themselves up in costumes that are far from the Lycra capes and the red underpants we used to wear as kids. A genuine parade of freaks and wonders, life-sized souvenirs of the heroes who monopolized our Saturday mornings, this 3rd Cosplay Edition is from now on what the anti-flea collar is to the werewolf : indispensable ! BUT, this year, the cosplay contest will be competitive for the first time : the winner will have the opportunity to go to Paris to take part in the European Cosplay Competition !