6th Gaming Madness Days

Gaming Madness

8 till 19 April – “Gaming Madness” Space

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Ready to discover another world? To save your planet from an alien threat or the Coronazombievirus?

Then join our battle in the lair of playful fantasies, our Gaming Madness, from the 7th till the 19th of April 2020! The 5th edition, the Gaming Madness will surprise you with a brand new space and its focus on videogames and

VR Gaming!

Zombies,        monsters,        blood,        intestines,         viruses          (you         could       lose          a         lung!)…

Come and feast your eyes!

We’ll be expecting you in great numbers, no matter how old you are, for a unique experience full of chills and emotions!  Our  partners  will  accompany  you  during  this  adventure,  so you  can enjoy  this  extraordinary experience to the fullest!


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