Babifff Sitting

You’re no longer able to come to the BIFFF as often as you’d like ? But it’s so much fun there ! Yeah well, it’s not that simple anymore when you got kids. You need them to be taken care of, you have to pay the babysitter, you can’t come home too late… Sometimes it’s a real juggling act when you want to attend the BIFFF as a parent. That’s why the BIFFF has found a solution : during the screening you can entrust your children to the BABIFFF SITTING ( the BIFFF Baby Sitting ! ) The BIFFF nursery is free, on presentation of a film ticket for which you’d like your kids to be taken care of. With the number of places being limited, please reserve in advance. Starting from 21 March 2011 on : 02/204.00.13. Proposed activities : Movies & TV series, hobby room, painting workshop & reading space. With some possible extra activities to be added such as comic strip workshops, make-up… Your hosts : Véronique Simon ( psychometrician and ergotherapist ), Lydie Bossaert ( ergotherapist ), Sébastien Delvaux and Tiziana Rizzo, entertainers with MiniMayFair ( ).