Blood Window 2015

This was an opportunity we just couldn’t miss! In the year that the BIFFF organizes its first genre film market and also puts the spotlights on Argentinean cinema with its Focus, it would be unthinkable not to talk about Blood Window! This is not an extra bloody version of Microsoft’s operating system, but simply the biggest Latin-American genre film market. Blood Window, that takes place during the Ventana Sur Festival in Buenos Aires, is the hot-blooded nephew of our very own coproduction market Frontières. During the year, it also assures the promotion and post-production of South-American genre movies. After a long trip at the other end of the planet, the BIFFF returns with a few spicy samples of “miedo, sangre y terror”!

-The House at the End of Time (Venezuela)

-The Incident (Mexico)

-Mexico Barbaro (Mexico)

-Honeymoon (Mexico)

-El Ardor (Argentinië)

For now…