Conference Fear without Frontiers

On Friday the 19th of March, at 4:30 PM in the Passage 44, a round table will take place between some representatives of the international academic world. Steven Jay Schneider (NYU and Harvard, “horror editor” of the Kinoeye website) will present his latest book “Fear Without Frontiers”, Xavier Mendik (director of the Cult Film Archive at the University of Northampton) will screen the documentary he has made on “Cabin Fever” by Eli Roth, and Frank Lafond will launch a new French magazine specialised in the study of fantastic film, “Rendez-vous avec la peur”. Film collector Harry Guerro of Exhumed Films will also participate in the debate about contemporary horror. Moderator will be Ernest Mathijs (University of Wales).

All in all, an unique opportunity to see the fantastic from a different perspective!

In presence of:
Steven Schneider (USA),
Ernest Mathijs (Bel/UK),
Xavier Mendik (UK),
Harry Guerro (USA),
Frank Lafond (France).

20 copies in stock

1st week of March (Gravin van Vlaanderen)

2nd week of March (Auditorium Passage 44)

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