FESTIV’ART 1999 – Stratos, Gomez & Rétif


Once upon a time…

An enchanted tree
A bird
Could it be an angel ?
With wings made of paper
The moon, in your dreams is already fading away
Little fairy fallen out of the sky.
Time stands still, faded out souls
To have returned to dust.
From the tip of my eyes,
Catch the magic

…of images

Contact :
Sophie Rétif
Rue du Prince Royal 79, Koninklijke Prinsstraat
1050 Brussels
tél : 02/502.34.63


As is demanded by tradition, our Festival Bar will be subjected to a complete transformation. The illustrious individual whose creative talents will turn your favourite watering hole upside down and inside out, listens to the name of “Stratos”, a.k.a. Philippe Dumont. This gentleman is none other than the brain behind the Brasserie Halloween, one of the most bizarre places to be in Brussels. Seated between paintings and sculptures of monsters, satyrs and elves, you can enjoy an exquisite selection of Belgo-Transylvanian cuisine. This year Stratos will make sure that enjoying a simple snack or drink at our bar will turn into an act of support to the alternative imagination.

Manuel Gomez
It’s not possible to put a label on a versatile artist like Manuel Gomez. After starting as an architectural drawer, he moves on to create sets for the theatre and ends up directing short films. During the latest edition of the festival, Cinema Nova presented his first long feature film “Peccato”. This intriguing mix of animation and live action, directed in 1996 and produced by Alexis films, draws its inspiration from the Seven Deadly Sins, the masterpiece by Jeroen Bosch.

In between films, he paints and sculpts. Manuel Gomez is fascinated by the Italian Renaissance, the Flemish Primitives and Fantasy. Among his influences, he cites Leonardo Da Vinci, Vermeer, Rimbaud, Kafka and the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovski.

Behind the title “Memory Petrified and Open” you will find works that are variations on the notions of time and memory.
His paintings-sculptures unite classic and noble materials such as wood, marble, earth or bronze with more contemporary materials such as foam-plastic or washing-leather. His latest works are partially inspired by the grandmasters of the past.
Like a magnet, the creations of Manuel Gomez will captivate your look. Once you are under their spell, your only choice will be to devour them with your eyes.

Contact :
Manuel Gomez
Av. Renan 68, Renanlaan
1030 Brussels
tel : 02/245.58.36
fax : 02/245.43.25