FESTIV’ART 2001 – Daniel Monic

Daniel Monic

A fantastic and philosophical search into the collective unconsciousness.

Because of his philosophical and analytical dimension and his very personal approach of Fantasy without phantasms (which is even more strengthened by his extraordinary talent), we find ourselves in the presence of a True Master of the Genre !

Time has stopped in Daniel Monic’s workshop. The artist has enclosed it in his sculptures of bronze and marble and lets it be overshadowed by his big, mysterious and enchanting paintings.

Daniel Monic, born on 14 April 1948, has exhibited internationally from his workshop in Brussels since 1968. Big enterprises and companies are attracted by his method and work and derive new means of communication out of it : Art has become the essential partner of every economic challenge.

– His method unites the fundamental forces of Symbol & Word. His own paintings and sculptures are the resources for a multimedia end result.

– His work, that is both the reflection and the mirror of our soul, possesses the rare quality to move us and to make us think.

A body of work that is both suggestive and disordered, both strange and beautiful; to be explored with precision and to be interpreted according to your own dreams and fears.

Enigmatic and enchanting images, daring and almost holy, that poses essential questions to infinity : Time… Beauty… Death… the Divine.

                                                                                                            W. Van Caesbroeck

“… and if reality invites you to travel, then it also allows you introspection, the exploration of the connection between our intimate Truth and the outside world…“

                                                                                                            D. Monic