From E.T. to Stranger Things, what’s changed?

The conference begins with a wide array of 80s pop culture and ends with Netflix, big data and Stranger Things!
There’s nothing like a mini conference to revive a bygone era: a time when you could meet aliens, ghost hunters, and gremlins and wander a whole day with Ferris Bueller!
Rewinding your cassettes with a pencil to save the batteries of your walkman was an absolute art, just like learning karate by attacking fences…
Jérôme di Egidio & Kamal Messaoudi
Jerome and Kamal met each other while studying screenwriting. Among these geeks’ shenanigans is the short film Le souvenir de Gally, which pays homage to 1980s science fiction.
Find their geeks reports on the Zone Geek channel:
Practical information
March 27th from 5.30 to 7.00 PM at PointCulture ULB Ixelles
Admission: € 3 / € 2 (students), includes a free Cuvée des Trolls beer


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