Hell at the Gates

Zombies and Other Strange Paintings

Hell at the gates!

What is the place of the zombie in our collective consciousness? Why do they fascinate us so much? When and in what shape do they appear in our lives? Those are the questions I’ve been asking myself for months now while making a series of small oil paintings featuring the undead.
Anthropophagy, cannibalism, fear for the hereafter and for trespassing our limits… the zombie-theme keeps inspiring writers, directors and artists.
While creating these works, I’ve injected them with lots of humor.

Some works are in a figurative style bursting with color. They are presented as the typical American publicity billboards from the 60ties. Playful and deliberately naive – rosy cheeked kids devouring adult corpses when they’re not being pursued by zombies themselves – the zombie-theme is given a fresh perspective. Other works, in more sober colors, portray zombies with a lot more “bite”!

Whether it’s zombies or disfigured humans, no one will remain indifferent while watching these creatures suffer. The portraits of this Persona Non Grata will expose them to the audience no holds barred!