Tribute Freddie Francis

Dearest Freddie, It’s incredibly hard for us to lose someone like you. You were an amazing man. It was impossible to find someone nicer, more talented or more open like you. You were always honest, outspoken, curious, devoted and serene. You came to our Festival many times, accompanied by Pam (your tender wife). By your presence, your good spirits and your youngness of heart and mind, you became “our sweet grandpa”. For always, you’ve conquered a place in the hearts of genre fans and movie lovers from all over the world. We’re convinced you’re now looking at us from the heavenly balcony of the 7th Art’s Hall of Fame. You were honoured many times as a director of photography (The Elephant Man, Cape Fear, The Straight Story, Oscars for the sublime Sons and Lovers and the epic Glory) and as a director for the legendary Hammer Horror Studios. You’ve left a celluloid trace that will continue to inspire present and future generations of filmmakers. You passed away after a rich and rewarding life as an artist and as a human being. We’ll never forget you. Goodbye, dear Friend of ours. The Festival Team