HOMMAGE Jean Rollin

Born in 1938, Jean Rollin made his full-length feature debut in 1968 with the stunning Le viol du vampire, which caused a riot in Paris. This was the first in a series of erotic vampire movies, which combine pulp imagery with the plot mechanics of serials. His movies tell conventional horror stories in the most unconventional ways, whereby he frequently solicits expressionist, extravagant performances from his largely inexperienced actors. For those who can appreciate a wildly idiosyncratic and non-conformist vision, his movies are filled with morbid delights. During the 70s and 80s he also directs, under a surname, an entire series of porn flics and the first full blood French gore movie Les raisins de la mort. On the occasion of the “Trans-Europe-Excess” retrospective in Cinema Nova, Rollin will present a selection of his films..



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