Kino Kabaret

Kino Belgique organizes a Kabaret at the Festival of Fantastic Film, from 12 til 18 March 2005. Kino Belgique is a gathering of artists who fling themselves at directing low budget short features that, every two months, are exposed to active reactions of the audience. Kino Belgique, it’s 100% fun cinema ! During the Festival of Fantastic Film 2005, Kino organizes a fantastic Kabaret. A Kabaret is a gathering of video artists who decide to direct short films at the occasion of a festival. In concrete terms, Kinoids gather for about a week. Teams are created according to the films. Every two days, films made in 48 hours are screened. The screenings of the fantastic Kabaret wil take place on monday 14th and wednesday 16th March at Club Athanor ( 11pm, rue de la Fourche 17-19, 1000 Brussels ) and friday 18th March at L’Orangerie du Botanique ( 10.30 pm ), as part of the Belgian short film day. For further information or for an active participation, write to us. We will give you the practical information to join us at the Kabaret. KINO KABARET 12 • 18.03.2005 site : mail :


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