We are all pupils at the Matteo Ricci high school, which opened its door in 2019. It is one of three Jesuit schools in Brussels. In our expressive arts class, we express ourselves using our pencils. We wanted to redraw the BIFFF poster in our own way. Matteo Ricci was lucky to be able to count on the most creative pupils in the school to do this. And we all got good grades, so we would love to exhibit our magnificent posters! We hope you will have as much fun looking at them as we had drawing them! Matteo Ricci’s pupils, Expressive Arts: Maria Almeida Fagundes De Lima, David Bopwa Bopwa, Mamadou Diallo, Anaïs Lawson, Hasan Kadiroglu, Guyen Khandjav, Sammy Lumina Kamisy, Divine Maghoma Luvungu Mwange, Tomek-Olivier Mathieu-Daudé, Sebastian Orzepowski, Benedict Matamongosi Losambo, Thomas Ravet, Jihane Hafdi Loraich, Yasmine Khadira Ben Kaddour, Ilyas Sakouane Zaghdoud, Eloïse Tshitenge Katshima.


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