March at the Film Museum

Actors and directors choose classics and cult films in horror, science fiction and fantasy. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the festival former guests were asked for a list of what, on the one hand, are the classic films of the fantastic genre, and what, on the other hand, are their personal favourites, their cult films. The answers we received from John Carpenter, Joe Dante, Christopher Lee, Raoul Servais, Jimmy Sangster, Lewis Gilbert, Ken Russell, Harry Kümel, Shinya Tsukamoto, Alex Proyas and many others resulted in a long list of movie classics with a remarkable consensus on the top ten. During the festival these ten most influential, most respected, best remembered films will be screened at the Brussels Film museum. A selection of cult favourites of the same illustrious company will be shown throughout the whole month of March. Jack Cardiff and Christopher Lee will honour the Brussels Film Museum with their presence. They will introduce and discuss both their own work and their film favourites. On Thursday 28, Jack Cardiff introduces Sons and lovers, directed by himself and Ghost story, for which he was director of photography. On Friday 29, he will proudly present one of the undisputed masterpieces of his work as a cinematographer : Powell and Pressburgers’ A Matter of Life and Death (1946). Christopher Lee will be both on and in front of the screen on Tuesday 26. The triple bill that night will consist of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (Billy Wilder, 1970), with Lee as Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft, The Wickerman (Robin Hardy, 1973) and The Night Of The Hunter, Lee’s cult favourite.
Classics and cult movies at the Brussels Film Museum
(rue Baron Hortastraat 9, 1000 Brussels)
Reservation and information : 02.507.83.70. The Classics Top Ten

2001: A Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick, 1968
Blade Runner – Ridley Scott, 1982
The bride of Frankenstein – James Whale, 1935
Das Kabinet des Doktor Caligari – Robert Wiene, 1920
The exorcist – William Friedkin, 1973
King Kong – Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B Schoedsack, 1933
Metropolis – Fritz Lang, 1927
The night of the hunter – Charles Laughton, 1955
Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens – Friedrich Wilhelm
Murnau, 1922
Psycho – Alfred Hitchcock, 1960
The Cult Favourites

Angustia – Bigas Luna, 1987
Darkman – Sam Raimi, 1990
Day of the Triffids – Steven Sekely, 1962
The dead zone – David Cronenberg, 1983
Don‚t look now – Nicholas Roeg, 1973
Eraserhead – David Lynch, 1976
In the mouth of madness – John Carpenter, 1995
The innocents – Jack Clayton, 1961
Invasion of the body snatchers – Don Siegel, 1956
The Mafu cage – Karen Arhur, 1987
Night of the demon – Jacques Tourneur, 1957
Night of the living dead – George A Romero, 1968
The old dark house – James Whale, 1932
Santa sangre – A. Jodorowsky, 1989
Seul contre tous – Gaspard Noé, 1998
The Shining – Stanley Kubrick, 1980
Starship troopers – Paul Verhoeven, 1997
Things to come – William Cameron Menzies, 1936
Very bad things – Peter Berg, 1998
Wolfen – Mike Wadleigh, 1981