Masterclass – Censorship

Well… beats us! That’s why we asked Jake West, director of “Doghouse” and expert on Video Nasties, Srdjan Spasojevic, director of the hyper-controversial “A Serbian Film”, Xavier Gens, who can tell us lots of anecdotes about the making of “Frontier(s)”, and Kamal Messaoudi, a true encyclopedia on all things media and popular cinema, to discuss this hot and divisive contemporary topic.Damien Granger, ex-editor in chief of Mad Movies, and David Didelot, founder of Vidéotopsie,
come to the BIFFF to chat about self-publishing, fanzines and the independent press. These
two big B-movie fans will reveal their experiences in the independent press and, most of all,
all the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes. On top of that, get ready for an avalanche of
anecdotes about several cult B-movies!