Masterclass Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Everybody knows the unique universe of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. The man is a true master of lyrical and dreamlike storytelling, having delighted us with pearls such as Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children or Amélie. Even his excursion to Hollywood did not affect his artistic integrity. Alien Resurrection has Jeunet’s touch all over it. But in a time dominated by fast food instant cultural consumption and a visual style that is reduced to a nervy, nauseating shaky shoulder camera, can you still take your time to make your spectators dream? In this surrealist country, our answer is a loud and resounding YES! Come and witness how maestro Jeunet will let us discover his little trade secrets and go on a journey behind the scenes of his mythical worlds, with the complicity of Christophe Bourdon (UPCB). And he’ll damn well take all the time he needs!