Masterclass Make up SFX

This year, the BIFF will welcome the most talented Belgian make-up artists from the world of practical special effects. They will gladly share with you the passion and experience that they have gathered throughout their international career. We‘ve all watched a making-of on a DVD submenu, but we don’t often get to contemplate the entire picture. The small disasters, the unseen last-minute solutions and the hilarious anecdotes are shown here to illustrate the unknown but thrilling aspects of the job. So here there are, the ( Fantastic !!! ) 4 gathered on one single stage: Dinh Van FX ( Lionel Lê ), JR Brassinne, Ladies Monster ( Oriane de Neve ) and the Squid Lab ( Erwan Simon and Daphnée Beaulieux ). From rotting corpses to flying puppies, from pregnant women’s deformed bellies to the wrinkles of the elderly and the inevitable hideous monsters we all love or hate… or both. You won’t believe what these people are capable of with a simple amount of make-up and a huge amount of talent. Fancy becoming an SFX aficionado ? These artists will gladly help you pave the way. Because “Practical Effects” isn’t just for nostalgics. It remains, and will remain, a vital part of the movie industry.