Masterclass Make your own damn movie

Troma Godfather, creator of The Toxic Avenger, Poultrygeist, Mother’s Day, or even Tromeo and Juliet, actor (Rocky, Super), producer, screenwriter, film director… Lloyd Kaufman is a living legend! With more than 280 films to his credit and more than 1000 films in the Troma catalogue, Kaufman knows his subject like the back of his hand. He comes to the BIFFF this year to share with us his infinite wisdom with the seminar “Make Your Own Damn Movie”. This is nothing less but the essential lesson for all those who want to survive in the independent movie circuit. It covers all the do’s and don’ts, from pitching your concept to its release on the market, with razor sharp analysis by the master himself. The quintessential rendezvous for all wannabes filmmakers. This lesson’s going to be epic!