Masterclass Synthesis (SFX) – From Star Wars 1977 to Star Wars 2015

Jean-Yves Arboit will conduct a 4h workshop with an exclusive appearance of Luc Longin from the studios of Georges Lucas and Peter Jackson, who’ll answer all your questions. This workshop explains the stages leading to the production of a 100 % CGI movie shot. For more than 20 years, Jean-Yves has shown at numerous educational sessions that special effects are an accessible, effective way to produce movies with artistic expression and has demonstrated how these tools can be used to give meaning to a picture. Concrete examples from well known movies will illustrate each technique. A shot will be produced live with a green key and will be shown and discussed at the end of the workshop. This will prove that producing digital special effects is easy and accessible. This first Synthesis Workshop will also have the honor to welcome an exceptional guest, Luc Longin, who will talk about his expertise acquired at the sfx studios of Georges Lucas and Peter Jackson. He will also answer your questions about the jobs and possibilities in digital special effects. And the best of all ? These talents are all from Belgium ! – Press & info : – CGI trainer :


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