Masterclass Tonino Benacquista

Tonino Benacquista, the prolific writer of novels and comic strips, has seen a lot of his work adapted to the big screen:
Love Bites by Antoine de Caunes, The Black Box by Richard Berry, L’Outremangeur by Thierry Bistini, Holy Money, by our
Belgian friend Maxime Alexandre and, more recently, Malavita by our Knight of the Order of the Raven, Sir Luc Besson. But
the artist is like a chameleon. He scripts a novel by Françoise Sagan for Les Faux-Fuyants and co-writes Read My Lips with
Jacques Audiard (César for Best Screenplay in 2002) He tries his hand at the theatre and dabbles with comic strip. After
L’Outremangeur, he teams up in 2010 with his friend and colleague Daniel Pennac for the 74th adventure of Lucky Luke!
But how do you choose your format, a novel or a short story? How do you switch between the avalanche of words pouring
out of a book and the conciseness of comic-strip text balloons ? So many traps that the man brilliantly manages to evade
while multiplying various artistic experiences with the talent that we know. So, if you’re also teeming with ideas without
really knowing how to exploit them, then there’s a solution for you. Bring our notebooks to our Master Class with Tonino
Benacquista. He’ll be accompanied by Michael Degree (UPCB), cultural editor of L’Avenir and a world class comic strip expert!