MINI MOI Experience

A 3D portrait. Have you ever wondered what you’d look like in 3D: a real miniature of yourself or your close friends?

Today, this is possible thanks to the art of the 3D scanner and the 3D printer.

The results are extremely detailed, you’ll discover your 3D animated GIF or your figurine which you can hold in your hands and observe from all sides.

It’s possible from now on to immortalize yourself with or without accessories, disguised as a vampire or a storm trooper…

This photo studio of the future, with the possibility to win a colored 3D figurine of yourself, will be on hand at the BIFFF 2019 on the 19th and the 20th of April.

Come and dare to be immortalized, get your animated GIF and … maybe win your figurine!

Take the leap, enter the world of 3D!

Minimoi - Japan-Impact