Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2017

  • Nathan Vranckx

Nathan Vranckx (Brussels, 1984°) graduated as an illustrator in Liège. He spent much of his childhood drawing and made his debut in graffiti before starting to paint on canvas, panels and other supports. Passionate about fantastic worlds and horror, he plunges his work into a resolutely “low-brow” surrealist pop style. He also runs painting workshops and currently works for the theater as a decorator. This artist, who constantly opens up his mind to new horizons, has multiplied exhibitions and events in Belgium of his work. This winner of the first Art’BIFFF Contest 2016 won’t even have the opportunity to exhibit his winning painting, as the work has already been sold!

  • Dimitri Pichelle

Belgian visual artist Dimitri Pichelle (Namur, 1975°) a graduate of the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts and exhibited in numerous Belgian, Dutch and French galleries, is an artist who pushes the limits of plastic arts. Halfway between painting and sculpture, his journey shows a desire for a dynamic communication with his public. His plastic research revolves around compositions and superimposes of wood and resin, finely crafted and painted in oil. Sculpture, bas-reliefs and pictorial work… his imagination gives a thousand forms to matter.

  • Patrick Van Craenenbroeck

Patrick spent his youth in the region of Liedekerke and Affligem, on the outskirts of the “Pajottenland”. He studied drawing and ceramics at the Academies of Fine Arts in Zottegem and Liedekerke and then studied bronze molding techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts in Anderlecht. His characters are defined by power, dynamism, and mysticism: a petrified expression; a primitive force. They are the shadows of fire; they are everywhere and all the time. Van Craenenbroeck tries to pull the characters out of time into today’s narrative reality through form, movement, expression, processing of materials and the use of fire to bring them to a transcendent time without ‘history.

They are “Time Travelers”.

  • Thibault Ferron

“I create for pleasure and give birth to a series of creatures to make the viewer dream (a strange curiosity that recalls our bestiality). My approach is simple because my sculptures speak for themselves, death is strongly put forward. In my eyes “she” remains the foundation of a long series of questions and search for our identity. Our own interpretation of death affects the reasoning of the “real”, so we all live “in some way” in different worlds. To illustrate this I bring a mixture between life and death, because what seems to us to flow from