Pieter Pauwel Gallery 2019

LAN always had a big imaginative power and a great passion for fantasy tales. Illustrating becomes therefore the main medium, in particular to create distinctive and proper stories. Monsters and fantastic creatures live side by side in these universes and styles, which are sometimes very different but are always animated by a dreamlike and/or nightmarish nature. What’d you say to have these creatures on your head. In its customized hip-hop caps, LAN mixes influences of manga, fantasy and SF, and themes in the style of a “curiosity cabinet”. Each model is unique and LAN likes to work on demand, in order to visualize people’s characteristics as magical and monstrous beings. BOOBS STRING SOCK

Mothmeister is the nonstop morphing alter ego of two artistic soul mates based in Belgium, home of surrealism. Through their eerie, imaginary post-mortem fairy tales they portray a series of masked, grotesque characters – often accompanied by stuffed animals and a variety of curiosa from their private collection. Similar to the Victorian era when dead dear loved ones were photographed as a memento mori for the relatives, Mothmeister immortalizes animals in a weird and wonderful fairytale world. In addition to the numerous eccentric portraits in this book, Mothmeister also reveals a unique look behind the mask. From intriguing adventures in the world’s most abandoned and remote places, to their untamed passion for taxidermy and masks, to fascinating on the road images, exposing their quenchless wanderlust.

Sammy Netta was born in Liège (Belgium) in Novembe r Her enthusiasm for different art forms was already present from a young age, first as a dancer and later as a visual artist. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, after which she obtained her teacher’s degree. After her studies, she devoted herself to her two big passions: ‘the art of the tattoo’ and her ‘paintings and drawings’. In both she brings her feminine characters ‘alive’. She describes her visual art as well as her tattoos as ‘Beautiful and Bizarre’, and more ‘Pop Surrealist’ than illustrative. Her universe depicts women in general, the woman child with her dreams and nightmares, her joys and her pain, the woman … in all her splendor. Her little ‘dolls’ sometimes resemble Samy Netta … both on a figurative as on a spiritual level, the subconscious handles the rest.