Poster 2023

Out of the pencil and the twisted mind of Philippe Foerster comes crawling a mad, monstrous captain to lead the way to the 41st BIFFF… Genius! We’re frankly a little vexed we didn’t think of that ourselves during our 40 years of existence. But at the same time we’re terribly proud we can finally collaborate with this wonderboy of the absurd and the macabre. He graduated at Saint-Luc and got his start at TINTIN before showing up on Marcel Gotlib’s radar, who hired him for FLUIDE GLACIAL. His track record is impressive: STARBUCK, the incredible L’APPEL DU FOSSOYEUR, the SILEX FILES and GUEULE DE BOIS. He’s a big fan of Jean Ray, Bradbury, Matheson and old school American fantastic flicks and one of his works got adapted to the screen by a certain Sacha Feiner (a gifted creature well-known to the BIFFF). We’re talking about DERNIERE PORTE AU SUD, which grossed the Silver Méliès at the BIFFF and a Magritte for Best Short Film. In other words, a match made in hell pushed even deeper into the pit of doom once you realize the man’s motto – “it’s very simple, everything is complicated” – fits the BIFFF like a glove. It’s decided then: we have found our alter ego! Our bond is for life, Philippe!


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