Retro Time machine

The Media Library steps into
the Time Machine
Although some can hardly wait to enter the new millenium, the Media Library proposes to go back (and forward) in time with a program dedicated to “time travel in the movies, from 1950 till the present”.
Time machines and temporal paradoxes, supernatural phenomena and more or less successful scientific experiments…. the cinema of the last 50 years has sent more than one of its heroes through the whirlpools of time. The program of the Media Library will focus on some less-known pictures and will offer a variety of viewpoints on fifty years of time travel on the big screen.
Monday 20 March
“The Time Machine” by Georges Pal (U.S.A.-1960) F.V.
Tuesday 21 March
“Slaughterhouse 5” by Georges Roy Hill (U.S.A.-1972) F.V.
Wednesday 22 March
“The Land That Time Forgot” by Kevin Connor (U.K.-1975) F.V.
Thursday 23 March
“Time after Time” by Nicholas Meyer (U.K.-1979) F.V.
Friday 24 March
“The Final Countdown” by Don Taylor (U.S.A.-1980) F.V.
Monday 27 March
“The Philadelphia Experiment” by Steward Raffil
(U.S.A.-1984) F.V.
Tuesday 28 March
“The Navigator” by Vincent Ward (N.-Z.-1988) F.V.
Wednesday 29 March
“Warlock” by Steve Miner (U.S.A.-1991) F.V.
Friday 31 March
“Twelve Monkeys “ by Terry Gilliam (U.S.A.-1996)
O.V. Fr subt.

All films will be screened at 16h00 in the Festival bar.
Free access to the projections.



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