Retrospective Shinya Tsukamoto

Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto has unequivocally built one of the most consistent and traumatizing body of works ever seen in modern cinema. Way beyond any easy comparison with Cronenberg, Tsukamoto’s enduring obsessions, the uncertain relationship between man and technology and the way in which pain and mutation can betray the body, has given birth to a bruiser of a filmography: Tetsuo 1: The Iron Man (1989) and Tetsuo 2: Body Hammer (1992)- are the last word in cyber-punk experimentation. In Tokyo Fist (1995) he transforms boxers into bloody fighting machines, and Bullet Ballet (1998) explores into the possibility that violence and weapons really do warp the mind. You’ll be able to see this, not to mention two early unreleased shorts: The Phantom of Regular Size (1986) and The Adventure of Denchu Kozo (1987).