Since its introduction in 2003, the tax shelter has become an essential tool for the funding of audiovisual projects in the French Community.

The most effective method to keep the system going is to make it as transparent as possible.  That’s why the Middle Class Union (UCM) is organising a seminar where audiovisual and financial professionals can clearly and legally exchange information about the “tax shelter”.

Thanks to its dynamic organisation and its importance in the French Community and in Brussels, the BIFFF is the ideal partner to bring those professionals together.

In the presence of federal and regional political representatives, professionals and artists of the French Community, the seminar will include a detailed explanation of the advantages and the financial mechanisms of the system and other practical information; but also a presentation about the particularities of the film industry.

A technical dossier will be handed to all the participants and will later be available for all members of the UCM.

Please note that entrance is free, but candidates are kindly requested to subscribe at the festival’s box office, or to contact the Middle Class Union