The Tax Shelter 2.0, a Win-Win investment for investors and for the local economy

Since 1 January 2015, the Tax Shelter reform is now in force. This reform considerably changes this fiscal measure for the investor.

The legislator proposes a fiscal exemption of 310% on the total amount of the transferred sum.

During the BIFFF (Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival) the UCM (Union of Independent Entrepreneurs) will give a detailed explanation of this fiscal measure at a conference with several representatives from the sector: a specialist from the Ministry of Finance, a company specialized in the Tax Shelter, etc…

The following themes will, among others, be discussed:

§  What are the most important changes to the law?

§ What is the amount exempted from taxes?

§  What is the amount of the tax reduction ?

§  What is the investment profit of the Tax Shelter?

§  What are the financial risks?

§  What are the necessary authorizations for the producers/intermediaries?

·        Can you invest without a Prospectus validated by the FSMA?

·        Can you invest without a Ruling?

§        Can you be covered by a bank guarantee or by an assurance?

§  Who delivers the Tax Shelter certificate? Who controls the conditions?

§  What is the value of a Tax Shelter certificate?

§  What are the practical steps of a Tax Shelter investment?


Saturday 10 April 2015
Center for Fine Arts Brussels
rue Ravenstein 23

1000 Brussels





11.30am – 12.30pm


Official approval IEC – IPCF 3h

The first 100 registered fiscal specialists will receive a small surprise linked to Belgian cinema.

Please note this date in your agenda.