Resistance and Social Revolution in Fantasy and SF Cinema It is not only lizards that mutate: society does too. In the underground bowels of Metropolis, in the Capitol districts at the Hunger Games or in the wagons at the very end of the Snowpiercer, revolt is rumbling. Too much injustice, too much abuse, too much violence and too little hope for those who are not born in the right place. On the one hand, rejection and discrimination have transformed the X-Men, the alien migrants of District 9 and Tod Browning’s Freaks’ aspiration for integration into a burning desire for revenge. And on the other hand, in a galaxy far far away and in a child’s room in Tehran, there is bold, fragile and necessary resistance to the dark conservative forces that undermine the longing for individual freedom and emancipation. But when the empires of evil fall, what will remains of the ideals of the revolutionaries? Will the next world be so different?