The Human Rights League – Masterclass 2018

Monday 05 april at 20h30 =>

Fear in the city! Cities and Citizenship in Fantasy and Science Fiction

A few months before the municipal elections, the The Human Rights League (HRL) is organizing a master class about the image of the city in genre, fantasy, and science-fiction cinema. The debate will take place after the film Survival Family (Shinobu Yaguchi).

Speakers: Yannick Hustache (PointCulture ULB), Gauthier Keyaerts (artist and journalist), David Morelli (The Human Rights League), John Pitseys (researcher CRISP); chairman: Jean-Jacques Jespers (administrator HRL).

Many films tell the story of the city, and by extension of society and the world at large. Many filmmakers have projected the aspirations and anxieties of their time onto metaphorical cities: Metropolis, Elysium, Dark City, Sin City, Escape from New York… But here is quite a gap between the utopian Tomorrowland (a harmonious, rational, and cold city) and the dystopian Gotham (corrupt, anarchic yet so vivid).

What happens when, as in Survival Family, a city (and society as a whole) stops working after a general blackout? Can the rule of law survive? How about democracy? And what happens outside the city walls?