The Nexus part 3 – Award of the Best Fantasy Computer Game

The prizes for best Fantasy Videogames After only one year of existence, the next-gen consoles have already provided us with tremendous games, if not with real masterpieces. While on the field of the PC, some hugely awaited games have finally made it to the shelves. To put it shortly, both our Juries must surely have to cope with serious headaches to select the finalists of this year and the games that landed in these lists can surely consider themselves lucky, as the competition was tough. The Nexus Prices will be awarded during the palmares of the Festival (March 29th at 21:00). NeXus Jury 2002 : Game Consoles Category: Roland Austinat – Corona Magazine (Germany) Gilles Banneux – Cybercafé 2.0, The Ticket (Belgium) Ste Curran – Edge (UK) Manuel del Campo – Hobby Consolas (Spain) François Tarrain – Joypad (France) The Finalists : Final Fantasy X (Squaresoft) ICO (Sony Computer Entertainment) Onimusha 2 (Capcom) Time Splitters 2 (Eidos) Resident Evil (Capcom) NeXus Jury 2002 : PC Category: Roland Austinat – Corona Magazine (Germany) Jean-Christophe Detrain – Cybercafé 2.0 (Belgium) Matthew Pierce – PC Gamer (UK) Laurent Sarfati – Joystick (France) Stefano Silvestri – The Games Machine (Italy) The Finalists : Warcraft 3 (Blizzard) Neverwinter Nights (Bioware) Morrowind (Bethesda Softworks) Age of Mythology (Microsoft) Unreal Tournament 2003 (Atari)


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