The Nexus part 6 – Award of the Best Fantasy Computer Game

Video Game will be attributed during the closing evening of the Festival, on Saturday March 25 at 21.00. This award will be attributed by two juries, critics of European video games (category of computer games, category of consoles games). The winner will be chosen from the games that were in trade the preceding year. The Nexus Awards Console Game Jury : Roland Austinat (Germany) – Gamepro Pascal Fillat (Switzerland) – Start2Play/ Manuel Del Campo (Spain) – Hobby Consolas Gilles Banneux (Belgium) – The Ticket/La Deux/Player One Finalists : God of War (Sony – PS2) Resident Evil 4 (Capcom – PS2 / GameCube) Shadow Hearts: Covenant (Midway – PS2) Jade Empire (Bioware – Xbox) Prince of Persia 3 (Ubisoft – multi) PC Jury : Roland Austinat (Germany) – Gamestar Pascal Fillat (Switzerland) – Start2Play/ Jean-Christophe Detrain (France) – Joystick Yves Hompech (Belgium) – Le Soir/Player One Stefano Silvestri (Italy) – The Games Machine Finalists : Fable: The Lost Chapters (Microsoft) Guild Wars (NcSoft) Fahrenheit (Atari) FEAR (Vivendi Universal) Dungeon Siege II (Microsoft)


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