Sutheast Asia is not just a holiday paradise. It’s also the favorite haven of the Korean underworld, where they can continue to squeeze out a buck from all the Korean tourists and businessmen. Detective Ma and Captain Jeon travel to Vietnam to extradite a gangster. The guy actually sought refuge in the embassy because his… Continue reading THE ROUNDUP


Ji Hyun-soo is the head of a successful private detective agency and the epitome of cool, never leaving the house without a tailor-fit tuxedo. While he usually investigates shady business partners or cheating husbands, he’s not above just going after a client’s dog that was taken from her by an ex. Especially if said client… Continue reading GENTLEMAN


Hong Kong suffers from a wave of murders that are equally brutal and unexplainable. Determined to put an end to the bloodshed, the police assemble a special team that discover several things. One, that all the murders seem connected to one another, since every victim was a suspect in an unsolved case. Two, that the… Continue reading DETECTIVE VS SLEUTHS


1944, on the desolate plains of the Lapland tundra. As World War II slowly draws to a close, a gold digger stumbles upon a 24-karat bonanza that will change his life. As he makes his way back to civilization, a convoy of defeated sons of the Third Reich cross his path in the oppoWebsite direction.… Continue reading SISU


Paris, 1900. The glorious “Belle Epoque”, with its boundless enthusiasm for change, the arrival of the metro and the radical reconfiguration of the city by baron Haussman. But it’s not sunshine, lollipops and rainbows everywhere: the working class is pushed back to the peripheries, where poverty prospers in slums that give birth to a new… Continue reading APACHES: GANG OF PARIS


Next time someone casually ask you whether you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, think wisely before you answer because it may have grave consequences. Cause you see, Mad Cats, a half-female half-feline mutant breed that may look human but that has cat-like strength, stealth, agility… and an irrepressible urge to cough… Continue reading MAD CATS


One year after he saved half of his crew after a torpedo humped their submarine, ex-commander Kang Do-young is still venerated as a war hero and loved by the media, the population and the army. Yet, he’s brutally going to find out that not everyone shares the same sentiment. An anonymous caller announces that he’s… Continue reading DECIBEL


Is your knowledge about South-Korean history sketchy at best? Don’t worry, ours too! Despite our love for Korean movies going strong for at least 20 years now, we simply don’t know all that much about the country apart from “Gangnam Style” – we still whip that one out at office parties – and that their… Continue reading HUNT


Brace yourselves, ‘cause describing this film is like discussing atom splitting with a drunk Fin. So, here we go: after a war of the planets on the other side of the galaxy, the alien winners decide to imprison their opponents on a poorly developed rock called Earth, more precisely in the puny minds of the… Continue reading ALIENOID


Big action star Takuma Toshiro has succeeded in riling up the whole profession against him by declaring that cinematographic fights should be closer to reality than these choreographed ballets, where shrimps without talent tickle each other with foam swords. After a ten-year hiatus, Takuma is attempting a comeback with a very personal project, a straight-up… Continue reading ONE-PERCENTER