Perdita Durango is a dangerous young woman. Each night she dreams about a jaguar that licks her naked body and sleeps by her side. Dark, sexy and totally shameless, she loves taking people for a ride and living life to the limit. She hauls behind her a past bathed in blood and weird passions. Romeo… Continue reading PERDITA DURANGO


As part of his training to become a member of an elite group of assassins known as the 701 Squad, Tsui had his nerve center surgically removed five years ago, leaving him free of physical or emotional pain. Demoralized by the dramatic changes that resulted from this void, Tsui escapes from the organization’s mainland China… Continue reading BLACK MASK


A renegade priest, Jacob Vassey, who has been tracking a devil-worshipping cult, breaks into an abandoned warehouse. In a secret room on the floor above him, a powerful blood ritual sacrifice is being performed. The leader of the cult, a “turned” archbishop, pronounces the final magical incantation that conjures up a creature from the depths… Continue reading SHADOWBUILDER


Cheung is regarded as a good citizen and a good husband in his community. His tragedy starts when, under the influence of alcohol, he contracts a Vietnamese professional killer to kill his own wife. When the assignment is accomplished the assassin returns to blackmail him. Cheung turns to the ring leader of a group of… Continue reading RUN & KILL


Mike Cleary and his team of computer programmers have developed the software of the century. The Guardian System is a multiple platform air tight security system. An encryption program capable of protecting any information stored on a hard drive from the world’s most skilled hackers. To celebrate the completion of this new program, Cleary joins… Continue reading HOSTILE INTENT


A San Francisco police officer is frantically in search of a compatible bone marrow donor for his gravely ill son. He finally finds a potential donor, but must confront the fact that the man is a convicted multiple murderer who sees this trip to the hospital as his only chance to escape to freedom. The… Continue reading DESPERATE MEASURES


The FBI prepares to burst into a gang infested house, but inside a lone gunman masterfully navigates through the gang members, killing them all on his way to the leader, Booya James. Just as he shoots James, FBI agent Kathleen Boyle, rushes in. She notices James is dead and races after his killer. The gunman… Continue reading DOUBLE TAP


This horryfying story in black and white, introduces us to Jo, who has finally found a home in the suburbs. While she settles in, she discovers that there are spiders in the bathroom and Jo just hates spiders. She calls a specialist to the rescue. But his intervention is not going to solve things. On… Continue reading LARGER THAN LIFE