What better way to open the 41st BIFFF than with a teenage girl jumping from one dimension to the next, trying to save the world from impending doom alongside a magical cat and a talking three-legged chair? That teenager is Suzume, a seemingly ordinary high-schooler who on her way to class meets a strange fellow,… Continue reading SUZUME


In the near future, humanity has built an artificial square paradise on the surface of the Moon. You can only reach it if you have the appearance and the way of thinking of a square. To achieve this goal, people use “square-ism machines”: presses, corrective devices and cosmetic surgeries that mold their bodies like cubes… Continue reading THE OTHER SHAPE


Su Huan-jen is a young prodigy who has not only mastered martial arts better than Jackie Chan, but who’s also a renowned doctor. His sole flaw is that he compulsively reads and borrows books without ever returning them on time. The result? He has a monumental tab at the local bookstore. And when he is… Continue reading DEMIGOD: THE LEGEND BEGINS


A powerful but sad dragon sits alone on a pile of gold. He cannot have descendants… Until the day he meets Sorcenouille, a witch who gives him three eggs. When they hatch, the dragon discovers two very cute baby dragons, but also a little girl with green fleece, whom he will call Hair. She is… Continue reading DRAGON PRINCESS


If three months of lockdown in your house seemed like a mighty long time to you, what must Little Vampire be thinking? He’s been 10 years old for 300 years and has never left his mansion. Okay, sure, he lives in an awesome haunted house where he has crazy adventures with a couple of fun-loving… Continue reading LITTLE VAMPIRE


Japan, 14th century. Some music-lovin’ priests and Noh theater actors set up the 14th century equivalent of the Critereon channel: culturally approved, ideal for stroking your goatee but ultimately a little stiff and lifeless. Even the legendary battle between two rival Samurai clans, the Heike and the Genji, turns to boring Bible school fodder in… Continue reading INU-OH


Hooray! Mankind has achieved its ultimate goal, immortality! The distant sounds of champagne bottles cracking open in Sillicon Valley still linger, but people soon realize eternal life is – well, a bit of a snorefest. Humanity’s new anthem is not Alphaville’s “Forever Young” – which local disc-jockeys now avoid like the plague – but rather… Continue reading JUNK HEAD


Well into the future a small spaceship is on a routine flight down every side of Nebula NGC6188. On board of the ship are the young captain Pierrot, his girlfriend and colleague lieutenant Mercedes, also known as Psi (because of her mental abilities), and their little robot for all the work, Metro. Arriving at the… Continue reading THE REVENGE OF THE HUMANOÏDS