Well into the future a small spaceship is on a routine flight down every side of Nebula NGC6188. On board of the ship are the young captain Pierrot, his girlfriend and colleague lieutenant Mercedes, also known as Psi (because of her mental abilities), and their little robot for all the work, Metro. Arriving at the… Continue reading THE REVENGE OF THE HUMANOÏDS


In 1984 Jean Manuel Costa took care of the special effects in the film “Hercule 11” by Luigi Cozzi. Now he’s working on a commercial together with Jean-Jacques Annaud (“Quest for fire”). “Le voyage d’Orphée” is a very personal adaptation of Orpheus’ myth and his descent into Hell looking for Eurydice.


Inspired by the fantastic stories and the exceptional graphic qualities of the comic book artists of comic magazine Métal Hurlant, Heavy Metal is the first cinematographic experiment where film, music and animation are combined. The film takes us on a journey to a universe where even sci-fi fails short. A universe of black magic, mysteries… Continue reading HEAVY METAL


The movie tells the fable of CHRONOPOLIS, a giant city located at the outer rim of space. The inhabitants occupy themselves with the making of time. That’s also their only pleasure in life. They create and manipulate timeframes. Despite the monotony of immortality, they live in anticipation of a great event that’s going to occur… Continue reading CHRONOPOLIS


This film is from a man we can call without any doubt the second Méliès because of his amazing fantasy and poetry, which is clearly taken from the French filmmaker who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, made lots of short films with trickery. Based on the work of Jules Verne, K. Zeman succeeds… Continue reading THE DEADLY INVENTION


Max Fleischer made his debut in 1921 with KOKO, The Clown. After that his brother Dave joined him and together they made Popeye, the Sailorman for the small screen. On top of that, they were the creators of Betty Boop, the animation pin up that was inspired by singer Helen Kane. Gulliver’s Travels came out… Continue reading GULLIVER’S TRAVEL