The first ever “filmharmonic” event, where passion, music and film collide.


Mima Kirigoe is an unsuccessful pop singer. Faced with her lack of popularity, her manager advises her to drop music and to develop her talents as an actress. She obeys her agent and gets a part in a TV serial. Depressed and frustrated by the failure of her singing career she is confronted with some… Continue reading PERFECT BLUE


Like everyone, Angelo Peccato was born into sin, but not like any baby. For he was born on a Monday, closing day at the museum. A lustful father had impregnated and then abandoned his voracious mother. The bloated glutton, in her lethargy, had given birth to him in a ditch… The story of il signore… Continue reading PECCATO


Jules, the red ball and Pierre, the beer glass confront each other in a duel for the love of Laurence, the beautiful champagne bottle. An action movie with breathtaking fights and amazing stunts, where only one rule counts : do not break. But sometimes, it is the heart that flies to pieces. When you remember… Continue reading FRAGILE


A mixture of animation and live images. This extraordinary and fascinating musical and ecological film makes us think about legends, humanity and the sea. In a poetic way, it tells a strange story of the pollution of the environment and the composition of our present society. A message destined for those that can only think… Continue reading DEA MARINA


Goblins of forgotten worlds travel through the ruins of an industrialised society, where the many dangers can not be foreseen. The director of this movie was born in 1957 and obtained his degree from the Tallin Art University in 1985. Up till now, he has realised a dozen works.

SHOCK by Zlatin Radev

A self-complacent animation filmer tumbles head first in the world that he has just created. A new version of a short film from 1993. Since then, it has been presented at the festivals of Tokyo, Oberhausen, Moscow, Varna, Annecy, Vevey and Melbourne. Zlatin Radev is 32 years old. His first short, Conservfilm/Canfilm (1990) got numerous… Continue reading SHOCK by Zlatin Radev


A girl uses her powers to ruin the comic-strips and toys of her sister. Bad girl. An animated puppet movie which reminds you of Toy Story, beautifully directed, about childhood, its dreams and its imagination.


The director of this music clip, in which the devil tries to tempt a young Southern fiddle player, is the creator of the famous short The Sandman. He has also worked with Henry Selick (Nightmare before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach).