1999, Nebraska. Single mother and police officer Kathryn Bolkovac has trouble making ends meet. She decides to join the private security company Democra Security and ends up in Bosnia where she assists the UN peacekeeping forces. Her experience and her integrity get her noticed. She’s recruited by the United Nations to work for the agency… Continue reading THE WHISTLEBLOWER


Starring Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave, and with a stunning, anachronistic set design by Derek Jarman, Ken Russell’s (Mahler, Tommy and Gothic) typically flamboyant approach turns the film into a wild orgy of sex, violence and high camp spectacle. Behind this baroque imagery lies the film’s real force: “The Devils” is unparalleled in its delineation… Continue reading THE DEVILS – THE DIRECTOR’S CUT


Captivating feature length documentary on the life and art of Alejandro Jodorowsky by Swiss director Louis Mouchet.


The late 50’s. Plainsfield, Wisconsin. Population : 642. Ed Gein is a simple man who wants to lead a simple life on his family’s farm. But the farm is remote, the family is gone and the crops perished long ago. Ed’s only companion in life was his domineering mother Augusta and she loved her son… Continue reading ED GEIN


Mark “Chopper” Read bungles his childhood dreams of becoming a legendary crime figure by landing in a maximum-security prison for a failed kidnapping attempt. There he works hard to establish himself at the top of the prison power hierarchy through extraordinary erratic behaviour, alternately violent, affectionate and self-destructive. Physical brutality, lies, rationalisations and distortions comprise… Continue reading CHOPPER