Liang is sure he wants to end his life. Less sure is how exactly he wants to do it. According to the Internet, eating 40 spoons of cinnamon, 400 pieces of chewing gum or 215 carrots at once will do the trick, but it’s hardly practical. But then he comes across a copy of Yukio… Continue reading LIFE FOR SALE

Killing Blues

A painful divorce can have unexpected side effects. When his wife leaves him, Max, a 50+ ruthless hitman, discovers he has a huge problem. The slightest drop of blood is enough to knock him off his feet, and in his line of business that’s a mayor disadvantage. There is nothing left to do but to… Continue reading Killing Blues


Overprotected by his mother, socially autistic Oliver spends his time watching episodes of Alf in his candy-colored house. But when his mother accidentally ends up impaled on a garden gnome, his little world falls apart. He now feels completely and utterly alone, with no family or friends. Just Alf and an overzealous social worker who… Continue reading THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD


After a traumatic experience in the Brexit capital, Jamie and his pregnant wife Maya would like nothing more than to get the hell out this country that is going down the drain. By chance, Jamie inherits an old cottage in the Irish countryside and our two little lovebirds immediately fly off. The City, it ain’t.… Continue reading UNWELCOME


Two years after surviving an incredibly violent attack on her family, young Becky is trying to rebuild her life with Elena, a retiree with a temper as strong as her own. And everything could have gone well if some macho assholes hadn’t burst into their home to scare them, send Elena six feet under and… Continue reading THE WRATH OF BECKY


Julian, a fifty-year-old, divorced executive in a high-tech company, is a newly converted apostle of carpooling. Especially since Lorena, twenty years his junior, single and armed with a disarming smile, accompanies him weekly from Bilbao to Madrid. This Sunday, however, Julian is feverish because he is about to declare his undying love for Lorena. But… Continue reading FOUR’S A CROWD


Timothée, a filmmaker with the ego of Spielberg and the talent of Tommy Wiseau, is currently shooting his update of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE on a budget of three bags of Lays chips. But before wrapping up yet another great scene, a man walks into the image and spoils the whole shot. That man is Stéphane, a… Continue reading STEPHANE


Silent Night Courtesy of RLJE films

Christmas Eve, and it’s a complete mess for Nell. This year, she’s gone all out: the huge country house, a titanic buffet, brandy by the barrel, the best years dug up out of the wine cellar, and all the family, close friends and their little ones for a feast of epic proportions. The Wham and… Continue reading SILENT NIGHT


Olivia, a textbook example of the hard-working know-it-all pupil, just lost her best friend Jane, who treated herself to a one-way ticket down a cliff. A horrific event that is made even worse by the university of her choice kindly rejecting her application and her ensuing frequent panic attacks. Her world is crumbling… Until she… Continue reading JANE