Ah, carpets ! Those woolen or mohair rugs which welcome your bare feet so comfortably… It generates all kinds of fuzzy feelings, but of course, these things have to be sold as well. And apparently, business isn’t exactly booming with British carpet retailers. When Cupid Carpets ( what’s in a name ? ) are given… Continue reading CANNIBALS AND CARPET FITTERS


A taxi driver with the face of a beaten-up dog drives through the streets of a desolate city, like he does every night. This time he picks up a businessman who’s having an argument with his wife. But when he drops him off at the hotel, lives will be changed forever. Whether we like it… Continue reading DHOGS


“Karma can’t harm ya if it can’t catch up” says Hussain, a young estate agent who has a date with destiny, no matter what he claims. He shares a comfy one-room apartment with his cute girlfriend. Every morning he dresses in London’s loudest suit and sets off for the office in the best of spirits.… Continue reading FREEHOLD


The English countryside, 1934. Halloween night. Honey, a young but very wealthy widow, organizes her celebrated yearly costumed ball. The most distinguished figures of local high society are present, sipping expensive champagne while exchanging exotic holiday stories. This year, Honey has invited a special guest. Inspector Shoerope, the British version of our Hercule Poirot, is… Continue reading BEES MAKE HONEY


A remote country house in a mountainous region sounds like the perfect place for a New Year’s Eve family dinner, right ? There’s quite a bit of tension between the different family members, but when an uninvited guest shows up, all hell breaks loose. Disguised as a homeless midget, none other than God himself comes… Continue reading KILLING GOD


In a growing series of countries, the medicinal use of marijuana is legally permitted. We just had to wait for a few smart American (who else?) business sharks to put the stuff into a pill and market it. Harold Soyinka works for one such company and is sent to Mexico to handle the manufacturing of… Continue reading THE GRINGO