Welcome to Tyler Cornack’s Tiny Cinema, in which he basically presents his whole cinematic universe on a miniature platter: a midget narrator – Michael J. Anderson (!) straight out of TWIN PEAKS’ Black Lodge, though this time not speaking backwards -, “That’s what she said” jokes gone horribly and demonically wrong, a single lady finally… Continue reading TINY CINEMA


Joe isn’t hard to please; fries swamped in ketchup, a fresh pint and his mates is all he needs to be happy. But he’s also got one peculiar passion… Ever since the The Belgian Wave of UFO observations in the 80’s, Joe has been obsessed and convinced that aliens have infiltrated every layer of society.… Continue reading KIPKAP


After 7 years of exile, Jimmy Cullen decides to head back to his native village. A return of the prodigal son it is not, seeing as the whole village hates his guts after a lost football match. His luck isn’t better with his brother’s, who welcomes him with a firm head butt. Same for his… Continue reading REDEMPTION OF A ROGUE


Meet Frank. Frank is a prime specimen of resplendent bourgeoisie, success burling up at his every move, the world dancing at his fingertips. Frank doesn’t drink beer, he drinks champagne. He doesn’t fart, he just often blows off steam. He’s playing ball in the same league as Niemeyer, Gehry and Le Corbusier, never lowering his… Continue reading HOLY SHIT!


Some wild Irish dames who thought the ideal location for a bachelorette’s party would be Transylvania (uh-oh!) pick up something a little more serious than an easily treatable STD. After mingling with a vampire – which could just as well have been the count himself! – they end up back in Dublin with a jetlag…… Continue reading LET THE WRONG ONE IN


As a boy scout, you learn many things: how to lead and work together as a group, how to survive in the wild using only a crate of milk and a screwdriver (yes, McGuyver was also a boy scout), how to sing corny anthems by heart and, if you’re a bit lucky, how to make… Continue reading TOTEM


Olga (Victoria Korotkova) is freshly out of jail after a 4-year stint for stabbing her then-boyfriend and cop Oleg (Alexander Yatsenko) in the eye. She wants to get her life back on track and especially to retrieve her 10-year-old daughter Masha (Sofia Krugova) from out of the clutches of her own tyrannical mother Vera (Anna… Continue reading NO LOOKING BACK


After slaving away at a small company that sells cleaning products for over 25 years, Inès (Jasmina Douieb) still hasn’t got a single raise, unlike her male colleagues who seem to effortlessly get them every year. Oh well, Inès isn’t one to complain easily, after all she’s devoted and over the years has obtained a… Continue reading EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH