Pauline is a psychologist who gives compulsory courses to drivers who got their license revoked because they thought they were auditioning for FAST X. But lecturing about traffic rules to a bunch of Neanderthal road warriors with a gearstick between their legs is no picnic… Nothing gets through their thick skulls, especially coming from a… Continue reading BONNE CONDUITE


For two centuries, Renfield has been playing minion to his boss, Count Dracula. Okay sure, he did give him eternal life and supernatural powers that, even with a 48° fever and a stomach flu, would still make him triumph at the Hunger Games. But his future? Zero chances for promotion, permanent night shifts and an… Continue reading RENFIELD


Ji Hyun-soo is the head of a successful private detective agency and the epitome of cool, never leaving the house without a tailor-fit tuxedo. While he usually investigates shady business partners or cheating husbands, he’s not above just going after a client’s dog that was taken from her by an ex. Especially if said client… Continue reading GENTLEMAN


In a near future where all ideologies have been crushed under the weight of total ultra-liberalism, Rachel and Aly live in perfect loving harmony thanks to the benefits of domestic artificial intelligence. All their needs are met thanks to this cybernetic housekeeper: what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to work, how… Continue reading THE POD GENERATION


Dale Domazar is the kind of obnoxious, pigeon-brained alpha male TV channels all over the world love to air in dumb shows like “Cult Buster”, in which Dale goes around de-programming secret cults. A smash hit! That is, until the season’s finale goes off the rails with a human sacrifice and all the cult members… Continue reading CULT HERO


Kamil is so done with the whole COVID-19 lockdown shtick of following classes through Zoom and hanging around his gigantic mansion stuck with his dad’s new, yoga-instructing girlfriend while the old man himself only occasionally flies in by helicopter in between Dubai business meetings. Fuck all that! He’s going to throw one hell of a… Continue reading IT CAME FROM THE WATER


Québec, Canada. Fifteen-year-olds Charles, Louis, Paul and Guillaume are incredibly dorky and therefore, incredibly unpopular at school. But hey, at least they have each other and their heroic quest to Farador, a Dungeons & Dragons-style board game. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river wide enough, ain’t no butt-ugly goblin fierce enough to shatter… Continue reading FARADOR


Next time someone casually ask you whether you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, think wisely before you answer because it may have grave consequences. Cause you see, Mad Cats, a half-female half-feline mutant breed that may look human but that has cat-like strength, stealth, agility… and an irrepressible urge to cough… Continue reading MAD CATS


Laaadies and gentlemen, in the left corner we have the ‘Kids’, more precisely Gary and his teenage sis Samantha. Frequently abandoned by their parents, they kill the time shooting their own horror flicks with theirs buds, or by being pushed around by school bully Billy, who gets them to agree on organizing a Halloween party… Continue reading KIDS VS ALIENS