Overprotected by his mother, socially autistic Oliver spends his time watching episodes of Alf in his candy-colored house. But when his mother accidentally ends up impaled on a garden gnome, his little world falls apart. He now feels completely and utterly alone, with no family or friends. Just Alf and an overzealous social worker who… Continue reading THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD


Do you know Pangnirtung, or literally “the place of the bull caribou”, in the province of Nunavat by the Arctic Circle? Nope? That’s normal. Nothing ever happens there. In summer it’s even worse, with 24 hours of daylight and non-stop boredom. Of course, to kill time, teenagers hang around the neighboring tundra to hunt little… Continue reading SLASH/BACK


Unlike her classmates who are giggling while drawing dicks on bus stops, twelve-year-old Blaze is not quite ready yet to leave behind the innocent joys of childhood. Like playing with figurines, eating ice-cream and hanging out with her huge, imaginary dragon. But one event is going to jolt her into the ugliest reality of adulthood.… Continue reading BLAZE